Patient Testimonials

“Just a few words to say that I have neglected my teeth over the years and lived in many different places hence been a patient of many dentists. I take great pleasure in saying that my current dentist, Preeyan Patel, exceeds them all by far. His attention to detail and gentle practice is second to none in my experience/opinion. Great advice and good manners!”

“When most patients visit their dentist for treatment they are nervous and a little apprehensive. Preeyan has a marvellous way of making you feel welcome by smiling and calming you with his friendly and approachable manner on arrival. He then explains very clearly what treatment you are about to receive, what you are likely to feel and how long the process will take before starting the treatment. He often uses visuals of your teeth to explain the exact issue and then agrees the course of treatment with you. He does not rush you and ensures that you are clear about what is going to happen. In the past he has not just rushed into treatment – he has taken the time to explain the options available and the consequences if you do not take a certain course of action, as happened to me recently when a very old filling that had been refilled now needed to be crowned.

During the treatment he always checks that you are coping and offers little rests if you need them. He has great attention to detail and ensures that any work he does is as the patient would expect. Prior to leaving he will reiterate what has been done and confirm timescales for things such as numbness to wear off and if you experience any pain what to take. He always offers his availability if you have any issues after the treatment. He also tries to fit your appointments in with your work commitments which is extremely important to me as I manage a large front facing team and it can be difficult to return to the office if you have just had treatment.

Patients go away feeling confident in the treatment they have received and happy with the high quality of service they have received.”

“I have to say that when I told you that I had decided to do something at last about the high level of wear on my front teeth I had a procedure in mind that would be very extended and quite stressful. Well it was not like that at all, after a considerable amount of detailed preparation I came in one day and some time later went out with a set of top front teeth that were amazing.Part of the initial discussions were that I did not want a row of tombstones and a reshaped face, you said this would not happen and it did not. I found your interest, and care to be as good as the final job was professional.

My thanks to you for a great set of teeth.”